Brasserie L'F, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Brasserie L'F est une Café, Bar, Restaurant, Aliments est situé à Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. L'adresse de la Brasserie L'F est 6 Place Charles Félix, 06300 Nice, France. Si vous avez besoin de service, vous pouvez les contacter via le site Web ou par téléphone au numéro suivant +33 4 93 85 74 10.

La latitude de Brasserie L'F est 43.6952884, et la longitude est 7.2767505. Brasserie L'F est situé à Nice, avec les coordonnées gps 43° 41' 43.0382" N and 7° 16' 36.3018" E.

Le fuseau horaire de l'endroit est Europe/Monaco. Si vous avez des questions, s'il vous plaît laissez un commentaire.

Café , Bar , Restaurant , Aliments

Code postal06300DMS Lat43° 41' 43.0382" N
DMS Lng7° 16' 36.3018" EGeoHASHspv0td6z884kn
UTM Zone32TUTM(E)361133.89544690086
UTM(N)4839472.966492315Fuseau horaireEurope/Monaco
PaysFranceRégionProvence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Avis recommandés
*** (16/04/2017 15:05)
Good place to have a drink or eat something. Nothing special but good.

*** (05/06/2016 18:14)
Preaty nice

*** (16/07/2016 19:42)
Un des bars les plus sympas du cours Saleya

*** (20/07/2017 17:31)
Cheap Mojito and beer Warsteiner, just 6€ only. You can have a seat in 2 separate places, one is bar and other half restaurant, all is on the same square with view at the market. Location is close to beach but no watching on it, behind the wall ;(

*** (17/06/2017 06:23)
I can't say anything about their food or drinks, but our brief encounter with a particular waitor at this restaurant was the worst experience in Nice. This one particular small French waitor was extremely rude and insulting to us when we pleaded to use their restroom. We understood that we were not customers but this was an extreme situation and he cursed, laughed, yelled at us while we were leaving the restaurant without any confrontation. This uncalled for humiliation and utter disrespect is something that, unfortunately, taints our stay in Nice. Enjoy your meal, but remember that these workers may be as nasty as they come.

*** (18/07/2017 07:29)
Big portions and tasty food.

*** (18/10/2016 19:40)
Cool et sympa. Pour un petit verre

*** (11/11/2016 20:22)
Nice place to spend time

*** (24/11/2012 19:53)
Best food and sevice on the flower market. I live here and tried them all. Recomended
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