Louvre Museum, Île-de-France

Louvre Museum es un Museo se encuentra en Paris, Île-de-France. La direccion de Louvre Museum es Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France. Si necesita servicio, puede contactarlos a través del sitio web o por teléfono, el número de teléfono es +33 1 40 20 50 50.

La latitud de Louvre Museum es 48.8606111, y la longitud es 2.337644. Louvre Museum se encuentra en Paris, con las coordenadas gps de 48° 51' 38.2" N and 2° 20' 15.5184" E.

La zona horaria del lugar es Europe/Paris, el sitio web es http://www.louvre.fr/. Si tiene alguna pregunta, por favor deje un comentario.


Lunes: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Martes: Cerrado
Miércoles: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Jueves: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Viernes: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sábado: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Domingo: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
código postal75001DMS Lat48° 51' 38.2" N
DMS Lng2° 20' 15.5184" EGeoHASHu09tvny1xn1dn
UTM Zone31UUTM(E)451418.7082792736
UTM(N)5412172.250550507Zona horariaEurope/Paris
Opiniones Recomendadas
*** (11/12/2017 19:27)
By far the best single museum I have ever been to in my life.

#3 There is reasonably priced food inside, but I personally would do breakfast at a nearby cafe and spend lunch only inside.

*** (12/01/2017 10:45)
I suggest getting the Paris Museum Pass from a less crowded museum/store first, so you don't have to fall in line for this one. I also suggest allotting at least half of your day to really enjoy this place because there are really many things to see. If you want to see the Mona Lisa, be ready for a line. Some are pushing each other in front just to take photos, so be extra careful.


*** (08/12/2017 02:36)
You need more than one day to really see and appreciate this amazing museum. Take the opportunity to utilize the audio tour. But if you enjoy your own pace that works too. This was a terrific to explore and learn something new. Don't forget to check out their in house cafeteria, the food is delicious and the coffee superb.

*** (08/12/2017 14:46)
Really a large museum. You could easily spend a day in here. The view outside the museum is beautiful especially in front of the glass pyramids. Highly recommend to book the ticket online as the queue can be very long sometimes. Also, please have a good meal before entering the museum as you don't want to starve while admiring all the art works. One of the largest museum in the world and you will have to spend hours to walk around. The best is to do your homework and check out what you want to see before going. You can also download the software to guide you around. Get a tour guide if possible as it can be fascinating, the stories that come behind the art is absolutely interesting than just purely staring at the paintings, especially for those not specialize in art. The latest news about the new $450 million painting is going to stay in Lourve will create even more crowd. So we shall see people crowding again just like the Mona Lisa. After the museum, take a walk at the garden in front and sit beside the pool. It is beautiful and peaceful. Good for Summer and Autumn season.

*** (15/01/2017 16:41)
Mind blowing array of art as you'd expect. It was a lovely visit for us, albeit quite exhausting as we tried to do everything in one visit - which most will tell you isn't possible. I'd say it's easily possible, provided you don't want to see absolutely everything. In retrospect I would have planned our visit and cherry picked what we were most likely to enjoy - as for most of us won't appreciate everything on offer anyway. In helping us find what we were most interested in, the guides could have been more useful. More written English interpretation would have been helpful too, but I understand it's not really possible.

*** (17/09/2017 12:51)
One of the best museums I have ever visited.
Some of the things that I really liked about this museum are:
1. The original painting of Mona Lisa is the main attraction.
2. The look of glass dome & the architecture of museum is really elegant.
3. The sculptures inside the museum. Maintained really well.
4. The small pond outside museum has chairs to sit and relax.
5. The design, carvings & paintings on the walls & ceilings (inside museum) make this museum worth visiting.

#1 Download the app AND any audio tours before you get here. There is free WiFi but it is sparse and cell service is difficult downstairs. That being said, save some money and use the audio tour on the app. It's 6€ for all of the audio forever.

*** (29/01/2017 06:01)
Bring an empty SD card and fresh batteries for whatever camera you have! Be prepared to eat lunch here and keep the day open. SO MUCH TO SEE! There are different tours available and I would recommend utilizing them. Make sure you get your selfie with Mona!

*** (03/10/2017 23:30)
This place is incredible and is one of the places you have to go while in Paris. It can be really overwhelming so make sure you plan a free day to be able to explore this whole place. Even if you do have the whole day, I don't think you'll be able to see everything but it is worth a shot. We were only there for a short time but it left a lasting impression. I do suggest to get the audio guide to have in depth knowledge on certain pieces.

*** (19/11/2016 02:10)
Excellent museum!! It's beautiful and has a good mix of new and ancient... I got to see the Mona Lisa and tons of other paintings, which was super exciting! There's so much to see, you might need 2 or 3 days to do it... It's in a beautiful part of Paris... You're allowed to take pics here (some museums don't allow it)... I definitely want to go back...

*** (15/01/2017 17:08)
Massive museum that needs more than 1 day to explore.
Apart from the Mona Lisa, which is well signed, you might need to know your art (nationality and era of artist) to find specific works / artists, even with the guide. There is an audio guide in various languages on a Nintendo that is 30+ hours long (though you can pick and choose your audio).
Alongside each painting is a small plaque but only in French (not expecting English everywhere abroad, but in an international museum I would expect a couple of other languages)
Some of the displays looked like they could be an awkward height for someone in a wheelchair to see properly.
Obviously there is a lot of walking involved and a lot of stairs (though there are lifts) and it can get very warm in summer.

*** (15/12/2017 10:10)
This place would take you a week or more to see and y truly appreciate all the treasures it holds.

#2 Get here early, right when it opens if you can. There is a serene feeling to being in this museum when it's quiet.

Pro tips:

*** (07/12/2017 00:46)
Simply unbelievable! Huge, massive, I don't even know what adjective to use to describe how big this place is. I spent the entire day here and didn't even cover a quarter of the museum. There is so much to see you would need to go back for two weeks to see it all and it still probably not enough time. Educational and interesting as can be. Not a good place for little kids; too big, busy, and boring for them. Everything here is pricey don't be alarmed. Entrance fee is actually very reasonable for such a famous museum €10, and some days it's actually free. If you have a specific interest in something (I was very interested in Egypt) I recommend the audio guide €5; it will teach you a lot of things. This museum is an absolute "Bucket List" item. It is crowded so be patient and don't take it personally if you run into people. Wear comfortable shoes or you'll regret it!

Try to go to every room in the Louvre, you won't regret walking through them.

*** (01/10/2017 22:47)
Nowhere on their site could I find what time they stopped letting people in. It just said the pyramid entrance was open till 8 and the museum was open till 6. Confusing. We got there at 5:30–cutting it close, yes, but could not get in once we got through the pyramid entrance. All exhibits were closed. It would have been nice were this on the ticket or website anywhere. Unfortunately this is my last day in Paris. Don’t think I’ll be getting to come back anytime soon. Yes, I realize I sound like an entitled tourist, but we were unable to make it there any sooner. Oh well.

It's 15€ at the door and 17€ online but online will give you priority access. It doesn't matter when you buy it online, you can do it right in the square.

Id recommend you go early and head straight to the Mona Lisa. This is a piece your can not miss. Truly amazing!!!

For a day trip, plan out the main pieces you have to see. The audio type are amazing and utilize GPS.

*** (15/09/2017 19:03)
Really enjoyed our trip to the Louvre today. We bought the tickets online, it worked so well as you don't have the queues. You need to specify a time you plan to be there at, and then you can't be later than half an hour of your booked time, otherwise you pay full price again.17 euros! Going early also helps, regarding the queues. We were in at 9am and out by 11am. Can't see it all, but enjoy the experience while you are there☺

*** (07/10/2017 10:11)
Still a bustling Disneyland of various art works. Nearly impossible to see everything so just relax, go with the flow & enjoy. If you have plenty of time, that is. Otherwise plan your day by buying your tickets online, collect & join the queue early. Once inside rush to the artworks you really want see... and enjoy. Still fascinated by people taking photos (I am one them!).

Pace yourself, there is an extreme amount of art to see in here. I would personally plan out a route of what you want to see and just do that. It would take days to see everything and I haven't seen it all yet.
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