Hôtel Clarisse, Île-de-France

Hôtel Clarisse é um Hotel está localizado no Paris, Île-de-France. O endereço Hôtel Clarisse é 159 Boulevard Lefebvre, 75015 Paris, France. Se você precisar de serviço, você pode contatá-los através do site ou telefone, o número de telefone é +33 1 48 28 18 35.

A latitude do Hôtel Clarisse é 48.8290043, e a longitude é 2.3004728. Hôtel Clarisse está localizado no Paris, com as coordenadas gps do 48° 49' 44.4155" N and 2° 18' 1.7021" E.

O fuso horário do lugar é Europe/Paris, o site é http://www.clarisse-paris-hotel.com/. Se você tiver alguma dúvida, por favor deixe um comentário.


Segunda: Open 24 hours
Terça: Open 24 hours
Quarta: Open 24 hours
Quinta: Open 24 hours
Sexta: Open 24 hours
Sábado: Open 24 hours
Domingo: Open 24 hours
Código postal75015DMS Lat48° 49' 44.4155" N
DMS Lng2° 18' 1.7021" EGeoHASHu09tu351sfhu7
UTM Zone31UUTM(E)448660.06059323595
UTM(N)5408683.205630523Fuso horárioEurope/Paris
Comentários recomendados
There is bugger all to do in the area, the nearest bar is two blocks away and the nearest cafe is a kebab place. The local tram stop is opposite and goes frequently, however it seems to house the local homeless that just ride up and down, as well as the women who have no control over their children. Not once did we not use the tram without a urine smelling homeless person and a couple of screaming children.

The police are armed and seem to patrol the place in packs.

*** (16/05/2012 22:13)
Had a few great days. Room and facilities clean and comfy. Friendly multilangual staff. Parking underground and public transport few steps away.

*** (27/08/2016 20:03)
If you are an insomniac, who likes to live on the edge and fancy a ghetto tour, getting high and enjoy gang warfare to a soundtrack of drum and bass, this is your place!

*** (21/09/2017 17:29)
Yeah good

*** (14/06/2017 01:50)
internet connection is veryyyy slow,staff is nice but very small room and washroom

*** (01/02/2010 10:15)
I would not come back to this hotel. My bathroom drain was not working and the hot water was below luke warm in the cold winter. All I wanted was a hot shower at the end of the day, and I had to splash in the bathtub while the cool water ran since the drain wasn't working. The rooms are incredibly small and the beds were uncomfortable. The elevator only went up to a "1/2" floor, so I had to pull my luggage up the rest of the way. The breakfast was a hard roll and butter with some juice. I traveled on an extensive tour through Europe and this was the worst of the hotels I stayed in. On the positive side, the bus and metro are close by, as well as a local park a couple of blocks from the hotel.

We left early, it was meant to be a special romantic holiday and if we'd have stayed longer it would have ended in divorce! We waited around receiption to check out but nobody showed up, so we just left our key behind the receiption and left.

I'm 6ft 3 with a rugby build, I felt intimidated in the area, hoards of young men crowd the streets yelling at each other. Not a single day went by without us being offered drugs from random strangers.

This was booked as an anniversary treat, it turned into a horror story

Anyway, back to the hotel, it's dated but clean(ish), they forgot to service the room a couple of times. The hotel apologised and gave us replacement towels. Towards the end of our stay there, when things had got really bad (no air conditioning, open windows and screaming youth along with drum and bass playing until 4am!) the staff were absent a lot of the time.

*** (26/09/2017 04:33)
The staying was find because the room was not too bad. It was really big because we shared a room for two people but the washroom was clean and kind of comfortable. Beds were find as well. I stayed 4 night during the end of September.

We booked into the gorgeous Novotel just near the Effiel Tower, the receptionist felt sorry for us, and had a look of abject terror when we said where we stayed, if she'd had been wearing pearls, she would have clutched them! We got upgraded to an executive suite with a free mini bar and a bottle of wine to enjoy on the roof top bar on our first evening.

*** (03/02/2017 23:21)
Very simple

*** (12/10/2015 22:35)
Reasonable price and clean rooms, although the drains smelled a bit.

The area is a ghetto for Nigerian and African people, they shout at each other through out the day and night. They must be very hard of hearing as they could only listen to drum and bass at top volume, so much so the windows of our room vibrated!
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